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Lady struggling with her long eyelashes during a boat ride (Viral Video)


The viral video of a lady having a tough time as she struggles with her long artificial eyelashes during a boat ride is so hilarious.

A lady made a video of herself in a local boat in Nigeria and the most hilarious thing you would notice is how difficult it was for her to control her long eyelashes that was flying everywhere, preventing her from keeping her eyes open.

The eyelashes kept fanning up and down due to the speed of wind during the boat ride. Watch the video below.

, is now a very common practice among ladies to enhance their beauties. Recall that a medical doctor had stated that there are several health implications to this practice. Doctor Ayopo Adeyemi had stated that health implications of fixing false eyelashes included corneal abrasions or ulcers, damage of the natural eyelashes, eye sensitivity, amongst others.

“The use of harmful chemicals on the eye lashes can cause them to fall out quicker than they naturally would and it is also dangerous when tools to be used come in close proximity to the eye.
“Artificial eye lashes can cause trauma to the eye either through the glue and other materials used or unprofessional operators; there could be introduction of microbes into the eye causing conjunctivitis of all types.
“The lashes themselves can cause allergic conjunctivitis trapping and retaining dirt around the eye,” she said.

Adeyemi advised ladies to minimise the rate at which they fix false eyelashes if they must retain healthy natural ones.”

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