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Ykee Benda – Singa



Ugandan musician, songwriter, and producer, who is signed on to Mpaka Records Music Label, Ykee Benda released another amazing jam tagged Superman

While at University I Met a girl (Algerian) we became best of friends, We shared almost everything apart from the physical, We fought on a daily about Islam vs Christianity, We did everything together.

It was the very first time I fell for a woman without having the intentions when we first met. She changed my life and have never seen a heart purer.

We fell in love so deep a day apart I could barely accomplish anything. I told her I wanted to marry her and bring her with me to Uganda. And she wanted nothing less but to spend the rest of her life with me.

As young as we were I asked for a sit down with the father, He agreed cause he had never seen his daughter that happy since she was born. I gave my speech in front of him and the Daughter.

He told me this could never happen and we should find it in our hearts to forget each other. I pleaded with him for over two hours making all kinds of promises and he told me he could never let his only daughter leave Algeria to marry a Ugandan.

I was left with afew months to come home. They blocked us from communicating or seeing each other. I must say that was the toughest time of my life EVER.

I came back home moved on slowly with the stories you all know of my love life but that was also the best love I have ever experienced.

Will I ever see her or a person like her? Only God knows
Now the way the story ends shows she died no. she’s alive and well and in fact engaged as of right now.

It’s the LOVE that was buried by the stereotypes of this world of certain people can’t be together, Moslems can’t marry Christians. Certain races shouldn’t mix, certain tribes cant intermarry.

I saw it first hand and it’s absurd I must say. so on that grave, Ykee buried the Only TRUE LOVE HE HAD EVER SEEN.


Singa aaaah yeah yeah
Singa aah singa ooh
Singa aah singa gwe eeh
Singa aah singa yeaaah eeh

Singa gwe eyali omusana ogwaka nga
Singa gwe eyali enkuba eyo etonya nga
Yee singa gwe eyali empewo eyo ekunta nga aah
Singa nze nesimye
Singa gwe eyali omusana ogwaka nga
Singa gwe eyali enkuba eyo etonya nga
Yee singa gwe eyali empewo eyo ekunta nga
Singa nze nesimye

Listen to “Ykee Benda – Singa” below;

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Updated: October 1, 2021 — 3:20 pm

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