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In 16th-century Zazzau, now Zaria, Nigeria, Amina must utilize her military skills and tactics to defend her family’s kingdom. Based on a true story.

Cast: Lucy Ameh, Clarion Chukwura, Ali Nuhu


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Subtitle: English


Highly Recommended! VLC or MX Player app to watch this video (no audio or video issues).
It Also supports subtitle if stated on the post (Subtitle: English).
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  16. This is a very good, not great, movie. The production and cast were great. I was hoping for more out of the story, I can’t say what’s missing. I notice so few gaps between sciences as some section of the story didn’t flow.

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  19. This is a very good movie, not great. The production and cast were great. It was a delight seeing few veterans and northern actors. I was hoping for more out of the story, I can’t say what’s missing. I noticed few gaps between scenes and some some section of the story didn’t flow.

    1. Exactly. To me the movie is overhyped. And the war and killing part is just a no no,looks too unreal

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